Eclectics Naturals Roller Blind

  • Eclectics' mood naturals will give a calm, uncluttered, restful look to your windows.
  • Warm, earthy fabrics, soft creams.
  • Fabrics include hessian, cottons, corduroy, silk, linen, faux suede and leather.
  • Eclectics have sourced materials directly from artisans, giving the blinds an unique hand-made appearance.
  • Chain-operated system or spring rollers, ideal for heavier fabrics.
  • 50:50 and bottom-up roller blinds.

Many of us are overlooked. So we need privacy on the lower part of the window but not necesssarily at the top. Eclectics have two different options to solve this issue.
• 50:50 roller blind - An ingenious roller blind consisting of a panel of opaque fabric at the base of the blind to provide privacy and white mesh at the top, allowing the light to stream through.
• bottom-up roller blind - Unlike with 50:50 the window can be obscured all the way up of stopped at any position in between.

Naturals offers the following quality fabrics to choose from:
Hessian, Cotton Canvas - Warm and earthy, addding a natural beauty to any blind or more of a statement with a bottom pull.
Corduroy - The colours Eclectics has chosen allow the blinds to be used in traditional or modern interiors.
Silk - The luxurious, finely woven silk with an understated but very visible grain in delicate colours.
Linen - Always fashionable, linen is the ultimate fabric.
Faux Suede - This really luxurious fabric feels just like the real thing and looks stunningly expensive.
Faux Woven Leather - The authentic textured weave with its subtle grain adds a new dimension to lavish leather.
Honeycomb, Bark - A beautifully sumptuouss range of textured fabrics are soft to the touch. An appealing banner option.
Entwine - Guaranteed to soften any interior.
Tribal - These fabrics carry you to distant cultures around the world. Their unusual texture and pattern creates interest.
Dimouts - Stiffened dimout opaque blinds in lovely natural colours that give privacy.
Plains - Stiffened semi-opaque blinds in lovely natural colours that give privacy.
Scotch Holland - The first and most traditional of roller blind fabrics in crisp colours.
Hopsack - Semi-opaque cotton in the form of a delightfully coarse woven fabric.
Sheer - A delicate irregular patterning on a semi-transparent base cloth. Replace those net curtains.
Tranquillity - A naturally random mic of semi-transparent and semi-opaque stripes.
Wicker - Alternating wide opaque stripes and narrow transparent stripes.
Screens - This range of man-made screen fabrics create a lovely ambient look and their hard wearing properties allow them to be sponge cleaned.

For the complete selection of fabrics and colours, please contact AJS Blinds.

Optional decorative features are bottom pulls, bottom shapes, bottom trims and banners.

Eclectics Naturals Roller Blind
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