Eclectics Urban Roller Blind

  • Eclectics' minimalist mood urban.
  • Available in sheer, opaque, perforated and dimout fabrics in blacks, whites and grays.
  • Some fabrics with metallic finishes, plus a range of high-tech patterns and textures.
  • The ultimate in minimalist contemporary style for City apartments and lofts.
  • Chain-operated system or spring rollers, ideal for heavier fabrics.
  • 50:50 and bottom-up roller blinds.

Many of us are overlooked. So we need privacy on the lower part of the window but not necesssarily at the top. Eclectics have two different options to solve this issue.
• 50:50 roller blind - An ingenious roller blind consisting of a panel of opaque fabric at the base of the blind to provide privacy and white mesh at the top, allowing the light to stream through.
• bottom-up roller blind - Unlike with 50:50 the window can be obscured all the way up of stopped at any position in between.

Urban offers the following quality fabrics to choose from:
Plain Dimouts - Ideal for bedrooms, these fabrics have an attractive sheen and the reverse is a similar colour.
Titanium Dimout - A dimout with a difference. With its fine black stripes on silver, this fabric benefits from great light blocking properties.
Odyssey - A milky-white fabric, surprisingly opaque, showing faint shadows and a dull glow only. A sensuous latex feel.
Square Perforations - Plain semi-opeque fabric with square perforations which gently filter light and create stunning effects.
Plains - Stiffened semi-opeque blinds give privacy and distinction.
Sheer - A chic semi-transparent fabric.
Lunar - Really an insect screen but cool to look at, almost transparent.
Explorer - Very high-tech fabrics.
Discovery - Heavy mesh semi-transparent screen fabrics with high-tech, high solar control performance.
Illusion - The unique 3D effect is truly striking.
Voyager - The fabric has sophisticated horizontal strips. This translucent and semi-opaque fabric is ideal for daytime privacy, whilst still letting the light in.
Faux Suede - A warmer look but still very cool and uncluttered.
Linen - Timeless classic.
Cityscape - Photographed to depict London at night, this impressive image epitomises the urban look. This image is available as a bespoke service so Eclectics will scale images up or down according to your window size.

For the complete selection of fabrics and colours, please contact AJS Blinds.

Optional decorative features are bottom pulls, bottom shapes and bottom trims.

For the ultimate urban look, choose black or metallic chain and matching black or metallic end cover.

Eclectics Urban Roller Blind
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Leather Ring Leather Cylinder Sandwashed Cylinder Glass Pebble Leather Ball Pull Ball
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Faux Suede Laminato Square cut-out with Aluminium Rod Sewn in bottom pocket Standard
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