Vertical Blinds and Panels
Luxaflex Vertical Blind
Luxaflex® Vertical Blind
Unrivalled range of colours and designs.
Optimal light control for style and privacy.
Perfect solution for sloping and curved windows in various shapes.
Wide range of fabric, aluminium and PVC vanes.
Motorized operation possible.
Luxaflex Japanese Collection
Luxaflex® Japanese Collection
Beautiful Zen-style contemporary roller blinds with a sleek, flat appearance.
Made from a unique opaque paper material that allows light through but obscures the view.
Material is laminated on both sides, making it easy to clean and ideally suited for use in damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Eclectics Entice Kyoto Panels
Eclectics Entice Kyoto Panels
Eclectics' exciting mood entice.
Offering exciting colours from hot pinks to elegant taupes with an emphasis towards bold statements.
Fabrics include prints, plains, silks, linens and denim.
This stunning sliding panel window treatment also doubles as a room divider.
Eclectics Naturals Kyoto Panels
Eclectics Naturals Kyoto Panels
Eclectics' mood naturals will give a calm, uncluttered, restful look to your room.
Warm, earthy fabrics, soft creams.
Fabrics include hessian, cottons, corduroy, silk, linen, faux suede and leather.
Fuji wooden slatted sliding panels add a designer touch.
Eclectics Urban Kyoto Panels
Eclectics Urban Kyoto Panels
Eclectics' minimalist mood urban.
Clean sharp lines and muted colours, blacks, whites and greys.
Technical fabrics, metallic finishes.
The ultimate in minimalist comtemporary style for City apartments and lofts.
As a window treatment or room divider.
Louvolite Vertical Blind
Louvolite Vertical Blind
An eclectic mix of fabrics from British designers.
Beautiful jacquard weaves and designs in contemporary colourways enhanced with suedes, exotic grass effects and organic natural hues.
Choice of 89mm or 127mm vertical louvres.
Slimline white headrails weights and chains.
Suitable for domestic and commercial use.
Louvolite Panels
Louvolite Panels
The versatile and contemporary way to control light, glare, view and privacy.
Available in natural looking and translucent fabrics.
Also stunning as a stylish room divider.
Suitable for domestic and commercial installations.
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